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Expert Facilitator

Leave the details and execution of a highly memorable and impactful meeting to E!
I have 20+ years experience in emceeing/facilitating national/international meetings, conventions, annual kickoffs, retreats, community events and more. 

Aligning Your Brand

Ensure your event reflects the essence of your brand with our expert alignment services. We meticulously integrate your brand elements into every aspect, creating a seamless and unforgettable experience that resonates with your audience.

Ideation Sessions

Unleash creativity and innovation in your team with our specialized ideation sessions. Erica excels in creating an environment where ideas flow freely and insights flourish. Whether you're brainstorming new product features or tackling complex challenges, our structured approach will inspire fresh perspectives and drive forward-thinking solutions. Let us ignite the spark of ingenuity in your team's ideation process.

Expert Facilitation

Elevate your corporate events with our expert facilitation services, tailored to ensure seamless communication and collaboration among your team. From strategic planning sessions to team-building workshops, Erica is an experienced facilitator to guide your event with finesse, fostering engagement and driving impactful results. Let us transform your gatherings into dynamic and productive experiences.

Location Selection

From trendy urban venues to picturesque outdoor settings, our location selection services cater to your event vision. We scout, evaluate, and secure the perfect venue, ensuring it aligns with your objectives and creates a captivating backdrop for your event.

Gamify Engagement

Transform attendee engagement at your corporate events with our expertise in gamification. By infusing elements of play and competition into your gatherings, we ensure active participation and lasting impact. Our tailored gamification strategies not only enhance learning and collaboration but also make your events memorable and enjoyable. Let us turn your corporate processes into immersive experiences that captivate and motivate your attendees.

Post-Event Wrap-Up

The event isn't over when it ends – our post-event wrap-up services ensure a smooth transition. We compile feedback, analyze data, and deliver comprehensive reports, providing valuable insights for future events. Let us help you close the chapter on your successful event and pave the way for future successes.

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