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Your Leadership Communication Right Hand

Or if you are left-handed, your communication LEFT Hand. 

You have a challenge: your employees and stakeholders need more communication from you...and you can't find a spare minute to deliver it. It's time to tap an expert to help you rise to the comms challenge!

Leverage the communication partner you've always wanted but never knew how to access. Having communicated for all levels of leadership in Fortune 100, family-owned, non-profit, and B-Corp businesses, I'm the ghostwriter and comms coach who will help you level up your leadership brand and effectiveness. Let's have some fun while achieving great goals.

Man Trying App


Leadership Communication

Copywriter for a weekly communication for your team - tied to values, goals, industry insights, or inspiration. 

Election Campaign


Powerful Presentations

Design, rehearse, and deliver highly impactful presentations with a dynamic
designer and coach.

Video Conference


Virtual/Hybrid Meetings

High tech meeting support so you can be fully present.

Filming Self Using Mobile Phone


Leadership Brand

Develop a brand and voice that engages your best self while growing as a thought leader.

Post- it notes


Expert Facilitator

Ideation, strategic planning, or listening sessions with your board, employees, or customers.

Computer Programmers


Employee Engagement

Craft and enact a plan to improve engagement with a leader of a 90th percentile team.

Easily Access Comms Expertise TODAY

Adding headcount is high cost and takes months to recruit, hire, and onboard. Get started today and have professional deliverables on-time and on-budget.

Ala Carte
Communication Support

When your needs are
campaign-specific or intermittent.

Easy Monthly
Comms Subscription

When your communication needs are recurring or fit within a monthly budget.

Leadership Brand
Development + Launch

When you are ready to bring more intentionality to your leadership brand.

Erica Weber in blue blazer

Connect with Erica 

  • LinkedIn

Erica will: 

  • Craft motivating organizational emails, newsletters, and annual reports

  • Design and rehearse impactful presentations

  • Manage your social media thought-leadership

  • Prepare board or executive presentations

  • Launch effective and measurable PR campaigns

  • Design, produce and deliver trade show displays

  • Host engaging team building or ideation sessions

Transparency is key in communication. Costs range from $80-135/hr depending on size of the organization. Project pricing is available. 

Excellent Leaders
Invest in Communication Expertise

Hand holding telephone with floral design around it
"Leaders who reach the top do not simply pay lip service to the importance of effective communication. Instead, they study the art in all its forms — writing, speaking, presenting — and constantly strive to improve on those skills."

Carmine Gallo, Harvard Business Review
How Great Leaders Communicate

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